One-Channel Mmagnetotherapy - Mag700

Classification: Medical Device Class IIa

Intended use: Indicated for the treatment of certain osteoarticular pathologies, in particular for the rehabilitation and functional recovery of some pathologies affecting the wrist and hand joint, of arthrosis, bruises and sprains, muscle strains and tendonitis. The device is also recommended for the treatment and cure of osteoporosis and all pathologies affecting bone tissues.

Characteristics: The device is recommended for both professional (physician, therapist, etc.) and home use.

Technical details:

Field strength

Adjustable with increasing scale up to 70 Gauss

Square wave frequency

Adjustable  5 – 100 Hz

Therapy duration

Adjustable (max 12 consecutive hours)

Relative humidity

From 15% to 93%


From 700 to 1060 hPa

Usage temperature

From + 5 °C to + 28 ° C


Packaging content:

  • 1 Magnetotherapy device;
  • 1 medical power supply (approx. 1.5m cable);
  • 1 band applicator with 2 solenoids (not inspectable);
  • 1 tester magnet;
  • 1 user manual and band positions;
  • 1 carrying bag;
  • 1 protective pouch.

Dimensions: 18 x 10,7 x 5,0 cm
Code. 984826406