Nautical First Aid Case TAB.A D.M.10/03/2022


Contents compliant with the new regulation D.M. 10/3/2022 TABLE A Official Gazette 108 10/03/2022 (EXCLUDING MEDICINAL SPECIALTIES).




Passenger Transport

Class C coastal navigation

Class D national and international coastal navigation
Class D local navigation

Within 6 miles
Within 20 miles
Within 3 miles


Close inshore fishing

Within 40 miles

Recreational navigation

"no limit" with personnel embarked and employed in chartering activities

Beyond 12 miles

* for vessels over 24mt

All medicinal products must be purchased separately.

Case equipped with hermetic gasket, automatic pressurization valve, soft handle for a secure grip.

Double step safety closure, double padlock predisposition, zip along the entire profile of the suitcase with nylon pins.

IP67 certified cases which guarantee resistance to water and dust, for a safe protection of the contents from atmospheric agents.

1 DM copy with content lists

5 MEGAPLAST thermal patches

3 bottles of benzalkonium chloride lt. 1

1 bottle of 0.5% chlorhexidine 500 ml

1 10% hydrogen peroxide bottle ml. 250

1 resuscitation bag ADULTS

1 Guedel cannula CAL 0

1 Guedel cannula CAL 2

1 Guedel cannula CAL 3

1 Adult oronasal mask

1 Oronasal mask for children

5 Hand-held finger pulse oximeter

10 10 ml sterile syringe

1 NITRILE tourniquet

1 Elastic hemostatic belt

10 Hemmed gauze bandage h 10 cm

2 ICE PACK instant ice

1 INSTANT HOT in bag

5 Adhesive plaster 10x6 cm PLASTOSAN

1 Rescue blanket gold / silver

2 packs compressed cotton gr. 500

5 packs sterile Steri-strips 6x38 mm

1 LISTER scissors cm. 19

10 sterile hydrophilic gauze bags 18x40 cm

10 sterile hydrophilic gauze bags 20x20 cm

5 pairs of Latex free sterile gloves L

5 pairs of Latex free sterile gloves M

10 Surgical masks

1 oximeter *

1 Container for sharps disposal

1 Sphygmomanometer with phonendo

1 Stethoscope

2 Aluminium/sponge splints

1 Digital clinical thermometer

1 First aid manual

*Only if passengers are embarked
The content is to be integrated with the medicinal specialties listed in the Ministerial Decree 10.3.2022. The purchase is the responsibility of the end user.

Available as a complete case or in a bag version: 
Code 984821292 Complete case Weight: 11,40 kg - Size: 4555x428x211H mm

Code 984821330 Coplete Bag
Code 984821316 Integration Kit Nautic Tab A Addition D.M.10/03/22
 (to be purchased only if one has a case with contents referring to the previous regulation).