Ethics code


FARMACARE SRL was founded in 1994 and operates in the sales sector of medical devices, diagnostic in vitro devices, cosmetics and individual protection devices.

The objective of the Company is to place itself, within this specific and particular market sector, at the service of of its customers, and through them, to be of service to the community.

To reach this objective, the Company has upheld and will continue to uphold the highest values of correctness, transparency, honesty and responsibility, and recognizes that it operates in a sensitive field as is that of personal health and well being.

The Company Ethics Code is intended to affirm and express these values.

Company behavior aspires to these, as do those who work there, so that the Code defines:

  • The rules of the internal organization of the Company, and of its activities, in line also with standards ISO 13485; 
  • The rules of behavior of relationships with suppliers, customers, the market in general and society.



The people that work for the Company are a fundamental element of its action and its development.

All those who are employed by the Company are hired with an official work contract, which respects the collective contract sectors and the standards of insurance, fiscal requirements and benefit requirements.

The Company pursues the development and improvement of the employee’s profession, including instructional and update courses, and repudiates any type of discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, political opinions or religious faith.

The Company promotes reciprocal respect between people: everyone, without distinction of tasks performed and roles covered within the Company, must avoid manners and language which are rude or offensive, both in relationships between colleagues, as well as relationships with customers and suppliers, and everyone is called to collaborate and avoid any type of conflict.

The Company repudiates any type of violent behavior, be it physical, verbal or psychological, any type of molestation, and in general any type of attitude which damages the dignity of a person.

Under current laws regarding privacy standards, the Company protects the data of the people who work in the Company. 

The people and the Company

All persons that work in the Company are required to take care when using the company facilities, material and non material, and to use them exclusively for work activities.

Particular care must be shown regarding management of products present in the warehouse, when using computer equipment, computer systems, and data bases.

During the work hours it is not permitted to perform private activities; in particular it is not permitted to use internet for private reasons and electronic mail.

All persons working in the Company are expected to:

  • work, each one within the scope of their duties, with rapidity, accuracy, order, completeness, clarity, in collaboration and in the respect of their roles;
  • to collaborate so that all management data are represented in a complete manner, with transparency and correctly.

Particular care must be taken to manage the relative documentation of the products sold.

Health and safety

The Company guarantees that the work environment is healthy and safe, in the respect of current standards for safety and health in the workplace, and agrees to the maximum diffusion of the culture of safety among all those who work there, promoting the knowledge of prevention, protection and behavior measures towards preventing work accidents.

Safeguarding the environment

The Company recognizes the value of respect for the environment and operates following energy saving policies, performing recycling of refuse and being careful to practice disposal of defective or expired products according to law.

Social activities

The Company recognizes the value of solidarity and collaboration with non-profit volunteer Associations, that operate in this sector in Italy and abroad.


The Company:

  • Operates in the respect of national and international standards, with particular attention to those regarding the products sold and in relation to the information in its possession, keeps commercial and contractual relationships with those who operate in the same way;  
  • Recognizes the value of free and correct market competition and repudiates behavior and actions which are contrary to this;
  • Considers seriousness and reliability to be fundamental values of commercial practice and considers these qualities as a parameter of reference of its own commercial partners.

The Company orientates its relationships with suppliers and customers, commercial negotiations and its contractual relationships with the principles of correctness, transparency, honesty and good faith.

Commercial practices comparable to unjustified gift living and benefits (such as repeated and/or systematic supplies of free goods in anomalous quantities with respect to sales, or free substitution of products out of warranty) are prohibited.

Relationships with suppliers

The Company verifies to the best of its ability that its suppliers operate in conformity with current standards of law and respect the principles and rules of this Code as well.

The Company agrees to check in as thoroughly as possible the reliability, technical and professional adeptness of its suppliers and their quality, and where necessary their compliance to requisites of the law for the relative products.

Relationships with customers

The Company considers its reputation a fundamental value, to preserve and guarantee: all information regarding the Company itself, its activities and products sold must be clear, complete and truthful.

The Company considers quality and safety of its marketed products an essential and inescapable element of its own activities and a constant objective.

Therefore, all measures, behavior and precautions are adopted so that medical devices, IVD, IPD, cosmetics and in general the entire gamma of products sold by the Company:

  • originate from manufacturers selected for their quality and safety;
  • the entire supply chain from its internal management, from the time of entrance in the Company, to storage in the warehouse, to dispatch, is handled in a way that will maintain and pursue the highest quality.

Privacy and care of intellectual property, brand names and copyrights

All Company employees are held to correct use of confidential information and data acquired while practicing their work duties and are instructed not to divulge information, nor use such information for private means.

Accounting data and budgets are confidential until published as provided by law, and for example and not exhaustively, information regarding personnel, suppliers, customers, the budget and price policies are also confidential.

Any behavior which damages intellectual property, commercial logos and copyrights, whether they belong to the Company or third parties, is forbidden.

Circulation of the Code and its modifications

This Code has been widely circulated within the Company and among all employees, who are held to observe its rules and to whom a copy has been supplied.  

The Company monitors the observance through constant controls.

The Code is available to everyone and is published on the Company web site.

The Code can be modified or updated at any time by the General Management.

Respect of the Code

The respect of this Code is a contractual obligation for all those who work in the Company.

Violation of the Code therefore constitutes non-fulfillment, with consequences punishable by law.

The Management


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