Farmacare will close for the summer break from 13 to 21 August 2022 inclusive.

Please consider that 2022 is also a particularly difficult year due to the health emergency and the resulting difficulties; therefore please take into account that the order fulfillment may not be complete for some of the requested references, due to supply difficulties (increase and scarcity of raw materials, sea freight difficulties, etc). Our goal remains, as always, to protect your interests to minimize any inconvenience during this period, made even more difficult by the pandemic.

The situation is constantly evolving and it will be our care to keep you informed of any changes.

In the remainder of August Farmacare will be operational even if with reduced personnel, so deliveries could still be slowed down, especially in the week before and after the closure.

Our Commercial Department is and remains at your disposal for any further clarification that may be necessary.
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